Hernando: The World’s Strongest Flea

A funny and engaging 4-minute routine that will have the kids and adults laughing, cheering and gasping in disbelief. Hernando is a tried-and-tested commercial routine that uses a prop that you can buy for just a few dollars. It packs flat and plays big, is suitable for ages 3 to teen and can be performed impromptu while totally surrounded.

Watch the short video below to see how people respond to Hernando the World’s Strongest Flea.

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Hernando the World’s Strongest FleaMy name is Julian Mather and if there is one trick that sums up everything I promote in my professional training courses, it’s this one. I LOVE performing this trick. This one trick has the potential to lift your showmanship skills faster than anything I know of, and it will save you when faced with the worst performing situations.

Any seasoned professional entertainer will dance new life into this and beginners will be charming audiences faster than they thought possible.

Confession time. I used to be worried about failing in front of an audience. It’s a horrible feeling when all eyes are upon you, expecting you to ‘deliver the performing goods’ and you can’t.

Sure there are times when you mess up. (Tip: I now understand that there is an easy fix. Just pause, smile and move onto the next thing. Audiences will forgive you a lot of things if you show you are in control.)

But what about when it’s not your fault?

Ever had those times when you find yourself faced with awkward silences because something went wrong in the place you are performing or you are waiting to start but someone is running late and your host implores you not to begin and it’s all getting tense and uncomfortable? Hernando can bring a smile to your audience’s faces when you need it the most.

He’s a star in these situations—especially when the room is half full of adults—as he comes fully road-tested after thousands of performances.

Royston South's Hernando magic routine testimonial

Because Hernando is so technically easy to do, if you follow the simple and beautifully effective script, you will effortlessly glide out of a troublesome situation into appearing like the seasoned showman.

But that’s not to say you can’t perform Hernando as a featured routine. I do all the time. He regularly goes into my older kids and family shows. This is a PERFECT family show routine.

Often in front of 400 people, I’ll wander into the middle of the audience with it and perform the routine there. There’s nothing to see, there are no angles to worry about, no threads or mechanical bits to wear out. You can concentrate on getting the audience fully involved which they LOVE doing every time. It’s just plain ol’ good fun.

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Okay, I say it’s easy, but what does that mean?

You’ll be using the Stiff Rope. Say what???

It is one of the oldest, simplest magic tricks around. You can buy it online cheaply and it’ll be delivered to your mailbox within a few days. It is SO, SO, SO easy to do. How easy? It would be like asking an opera singer to sing Ba, Ba, Black Sheep. It’s that easy. If you can flip an egg over in a fry pan with an egg flip spatula thingy, you can do this.

The rope is lightweight and coils about the size of your outstretched palm and fingers so it’s easy to keep in a coat pocket or a small case. That way, it’s always at hand when you need it most.

Learning Hernando is the best value ‘embarrassment insurance’ you can buy!

The stiff rope is not included. In the training video, I show you the best type to get and show you places to get it online. Learning Hernando is the best value ‘embarrassment insurance’ you can buy.

My natural instincts are to keep this routine to myself but when I thought it through, I kept on imagining the number of smiles across the world this little guy can bring. So it is with a heavy heart that I let Hernando pack his suitcase and start his adventures around the world. I know his home will always be here with me.

A Great Magic Routine for Any Age Group: Hernando the World’s Strongest Flea

Prepare to begin charming your audiences.

Hernando the World’s Strongest Flea

super easy-to-do
a full-performance routine
gets lots of audience involvement
for ages 6 to 106
one of the best family audiences routines
plays well to big audiences
angle-proof, wind-proof, battery-free, and thread-free

Hernando the World’s Strongest Flea: Testimonial 1

Hernando the World’s Strongest Flea: Testimonial 2

Hernando the World’s Strongest Flea: Testimonial 3

Hernando the World’s Strongest Flea: Testimonial 4

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Some more details you might like to know …

  • The video runs 22 minutes.
  • The course is delivered to your own private members area where you receive your own secure password that gives you access to the course content 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Viewable on desktop, tablet and smartphone so you can watch anywhere, anytime.
  • Works in any language
  • You will also need to purchase a common magic prop called a stiff rope, $10 – $15 approx.