Face Painting Basics with Marcela Murad Part 1

Face Painting basics with Marcela Murad for Kids Entertainer Hub

Facepainting Tips For Kids Entertainers

It is an honor and a privilege to share with you my passion for face and body painting here on Kids Entertainer Hub. Whether you are new to the art of Facepainting or a seasoned professional, this series are meant to teach, inspire and spark your creativity and imagination.

We start by learning and practicing the brush and sponge techniques that are at the center of this fascinating art form. The Magic IS in the brush and the difference between creating average versus amazing artwork lies in perfecting your brush and sponge techniques. Once a painter masters brush and sponge applications, every design will have a WOW factor.

The brush is the most important tool in a painters kit, and the choice we make as to the ones we prefer to use are a very personal and individual one. Finding your personal magic brush takes time through a process of trial and error. Be patient, as any of the others art forms, facepainting is also a life long learning experience.

Brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Round brushes are the most common and practical ones as they work well with all of the techniques. Others are helpful for painting things such as flower petals, using the One Stroke techniques with Arty Cakes or large brushes for bodypainting.

Marcela Murad Face Painting For Beginner Kids Entertainers

On our next installment we will cover sponge techniques alongside with learning fast and simple designs to get you started on your own creative journey.