Essential Business Tips for Kids Entertainers Part 1

Essential Business Tips for Kids Entertainers Part 1

Thinking of performing for children professionally, or taking the next step to further your children’s entertainment business?

Here’s a new series featuring practical, actionable, tried-and-tested business tips and insights by someone who has rolled up his sleeves and taken action to move his kids entertainment business onward and up. Keith Tusing generously offers in this series his musings and learnings about the little things like business cards, to the grander things like the right attitude and giving back to your community. In this first post, he shares the first two of his essential business tips.

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Tip #1: Decide on the One Action you’re going to take.

On the day that I write this, I’ve just been to Kapital Kidvention—and it was amazing! Now that I am back to “normal”, I ask myself, “What action steps will I take today?”

To maximize the benefits of the convention—and any convention for that matter—we must take ACTION. And so there is this one question we can pose to ourselves every day: What is the ONE ACTION that I’m going to take today that will make my business better?

For example, I started yesterday on a plan to break into a NEW market—childcare centers. I created a list (including the names of the directors) of 50 top-level childcare centers within an hour of my house. That’s one concrete action done that moves me closer to my goal.

How about you? What can you do today to be a step closer to where you want to be?

Tip #2: Evaluate your business card.

Throughout the years, I’ve learned to ask these 5 questions to create a business card that works for me. I share them here to help you in case you’re planning to redesign your card.

1. Is my current business card clear and easy to read?

Keep it simple. Remember that saying from middle school, “KISS”? That philosophy is still true.

I’ve learned that it’s best to use the bare minimum of information in my business card. Why? It makes my card easier to read and the information on it easier to remember.

Here are a few more ideas:

  • Phone number – Use just one.
  • Social media icons – The icons by themselves are enough to tell people on what social media platform they can find you.
  • Stick to one or maybe two fonts. Putting any more than that will make the card hard to read and will look too busy.

2. Is the use of space optimized?

I’ve learned not to put too much additional information all on one side. The truth is, a two-sided card is almost the same price as a one-sided one, so why not use it?

If you have a lot of contact information that needs to be included on the back side, separate your information by putting your web address and physical address with the logo on one side.

3. Is my business card an extension of me?

Your business card should be an extension of yourself or your brand as it will often be the first branded marketing material that potential clients see. Your card should fit in with the rest of your branded marketing materials by using the same typography, colors, styling, etc.

The bottom line: your business card must give your clients a glimpse of who you are and what your business is about.

4. What does my card feel like?

Quality paper goes a long way. I’ve learned not to skimp on quality when it comes to the card used for my business card because this is the perfect chance for me to make a good impression.

So I urge you, don’t skimp on this. A thicker card will add a more professional look and feel to your business card. And it gives you an added bonus: your card will be less likely to get damaged when being handed out.

5. How many cards should I have with me?

Have at least 25 business cards on you at all times. It can be a very costly mistake to suddenly run out of business cards in the middle of an event. Don’t let that guy be you.

With that said, a great thing to invest in is a nice business card case. Not only will it make it easier for you to remember to bring your business cards, but it will also keep them in good shape, helping you maintain a professional image.

Next month, I’ll be back with another bunch of tips, this time about setting a fantastic first impression and—yes—evaluating how the car we drive makes a difference in our business.

Download KEH Training Tip 76 - Essential Business Tips for Kids Entertainers: Part 1