KEH 016: Easy Magic Tricks For Kids Entertainers

Easy Magic Tricks For Kids Entertainers Jeremy LePoidevin

Easy Magic Tricks for Kids Entertainers

Jeremy LePoidevin from Practical Magic talks about easy magic tricks for kids entertainers. He shares free resources he has developed to help kids entertainers who are not familiar with performing magic to choose the right magic tricks to add something extra to their kids entertainer businesses.

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In this episode we discuss:

– What makes Trix in the Stix a successful kids entertainers convention?

– John Kimmons and the live Fireside Chat.

– Can you do magic? Is adding magic to your performance attainable?

Practical Magic – a magic shop for professional kids entertainers

– The role that Supreme Magic played in the development of Practical Magic.

– Why are kids magicians like kids themselves? Jeremy has his own point of view on this.

– Training resources for kids entertainers

– Under 5 year olds with Terry Herbet

– Teenage Kids with Pat Fallon

– How to bridge over from other forms of kids entertaining into performing magic.

Download Your Free Handout: Easy Magic Tricks Transcript

Resources mentioned in this episode:

To discover if the Balloon Workshop Blueprint is right for you click here

and listen to Buster Balloon speak of his experience with the Balloon Workshop Blueprint

This is the animated T-Rex mentioned in the episode. We think there is a lot of opportunities to be had with this and it’s a great idea for school holidays.

You can follow the dinosaur thread on the Kids Entertainer Facebook Group

Dinsoaur Promotion for Kids Entertainers


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