Great Game for Kids Parties

Planning your child’s birthday party and looking for ways to keep your little guests entertained? This game would make an awesome addition to your list! Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to play it—and how kids love it.

The game is perfect for 5-year-olds (did you see the big smiles on the kids’ faces?) and would take about 5 minutes to play.

To assist you further with your party planning, we’ve listed four tips that can help you ensure the success of the game—and your whole party program.

  • First, teach the individual steps to the children. A little improvisation—like the one showed in the video—would make this part more fun for the little ones. Ask them questions they know the answer to—it’s the quickest and easiest way to engage them and keep their attention.
  • Exude enthusiasm! Enthusiasm and energy are contagious, especially for young children. If they see you having fun, they’re likely to respond to you and match your energy. So show those pearly whites and be sure to act lively.
  • Shower attention to the birthday child. It’s their day and a little mention here and there all throughout your games and program will help them feel like a star!
  • Use music that kids love. For this particular game, feel free to use the famous “Birdie Song.” It’s just perfect for the actions and the pace of the game. For other games, just make sure that the tempo is upbeat and that the lyrics are kid-friendly, and you’re all set!

We hope your party turns out great!