KEH 014: Creativity Tips For Kids Entertainers With Face Painter Suedy Daoud

Suedy Daoud Kids Entertainer Hub Episode 13 Creativity Tips for Kids Entertainers

Creativity Tips for Kids Entertainers

Using creativity to solve problems and create opportunities

What is the “axis of awesomeness?” Suedy Daoud, an established face painter shares her recipe for being awesome in the clients eyes.

Facepainting may be what Suedy excels in but her ideas on using creativity to open doors apply to kids entertainers of all types.

In this episode we discuss:

– 30-degree heat, sunscreen and sweat – how Suedy got started

– find out about kids parties, corporate work and more

– The ups and downs and improving as a face painter

– Suedy’s way of keeping it creative and exciting – taking requests!

– To photo board or not to photo board?

– Tips from a teacher on getting started – save money from these tips!

– What makes a great face paint design – the “axis of awesomeness”

– What drives Suedy crazy in the world of face painting

– Quick, quick, slow – how to show your clients your skills

– Applealing to a different audience, UV face painting!

– Suedy’s favourite designs
– Body art with doggy designs and how that lead to some amazing opportunities

– Creating your own opportunities – how Suedy got into Illusion Magazine

– The AFABA retreat, getting to know fellow face painters, how it went

– The theory behind the retreat, everyone has something to share

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