Tom Hayes KEH 006

Creating a Brand of Kids Stories and Toys:

One Entertainer’s Tale of Vision and Commitment

Tom Hayes knows about obstacles and the determination needed to overcome them. Follow the story of how a handful of tiny beans have given one man the energy to see his vision of a range of kids storybooks, audio books, mascots and a toy line one day be on everyone’s lips …

In this episode we discuss:

This episode will remind kids entertainers to use your bean, trust your heart and follow your character.

“Use your bean, trust your heart and follow your character.”

Producer, creator, comedian and voice over artist, Tom Hayes started in sales, then onto a kids entertainer, then onto a life of stand up comedy and keynote speaking then came back to doing a kids radio program that has grown into a series of Audio Stories for kids that have little beans as central characters.

Discover what doctors told Tom when he was 13 years old that would profoundly change his life and let him understand the most of the barriers in life are mental, not physical.

Tom was born into a family of magicians yet ended up in the medical field and took up using magic to entertain after a surprise encounter with a salesman who showed him the power of a simple magic trick.

Tom won the funniest person in Massachusetts.

Doug Henning, David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy, Penn and Teller created a popular platform of magic appreciation that helped Tom get into the comedy market.

Can you use YOUR story and your ability to speak in public as a launching pad to a speaking career which pays much more than doing entertainment shows?

How do you transfer from comedy magic to creating short stories that appeal to younger audiences?

What does Mick Jagger dreaming the song Satisfaction have to do with writing storylines for kids?

These audio stories for kids run 5-8 minutes. The stories focus on the characters of BeanTown.

Is there an intuitive sense of story telling and writing storylines? can this be as effective as studied story construction.

“The Muppets”

Do you know how Jim Henson became famous as the creator of the international puppet success … the Muppets

What happens when your big plans don’t play out as you had hoped? Where are the new opportunities? Tom shares how he took to the new world of opportunities provided by the internet and resurrected the marketing of his Beantown stories and characters.

How are you writing the material for you shows? Are you writing for the under 5 audience? Is this limiting the effectiveness  of your material? Should you be writing for the tweens?

The importance of staying flexible enough to adapt to new the new paradigms of social marketing.

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