Annie Bannanie

Annie-Banannie-Contributor-on-Kids-Entertainer-hubBalloon Storyteller, Annie Banannie has a 25-year background in musical theatre, has worked with balloons for over 15 years, and has been a full-time family entertainer for the last 12 years. Annie’s Marvellous Marketing Mash Up shows you how to direct creativity into your off-stage efforts.

Christopher T. Magician

Christopher-T-Magician-Contributor-on-Kids-entertainer-HubChristopher T. Magician has been performing kid show magic for two decades. He studied theatre at NYU and is currently the writer/director of a series of off-Broadway parody musicals. Join him in “The ‘T’ Stands for…” – A Playwright’s Guide to Children’s Entertainment’.

Danys Hamel

Danys-Hamel-Contributor-on-Kids-Entertainer-HubDanys Hamel started in business as an equilibrist. Self taught, he started with unicycle, Rola Bola and balanced everything on his chin. Juggling followed. Wishing to make a one-hour show, he also learned to do magic tricks. Find out how you can mix circus and magic into any act.

Doug Scheer

Doug-Scheer-Contributor-on-Kids-Entertainer-HubDoug Scheer is one for the leading educational and school show magicians in the United States. He spent 18 yrs touring nationally with General Motors as their trade show magician while developing his 13 signature school shows that keep him busy. Let’s get ‘Back To Class’ right now…

Holly Hopper

Holly-Hopper-Contributor-on-Kids-Entertainer-HubHolly, the ‘Twister Sister’ is an award winning balloon artist who has been twisting balloons since she was 10 years old. What started off as a fun hobby has grown into a thriving business. Twisted in Texas – Balloon twisting tips, tricks and how-to’s from the Twister Sister.

Kathy Prosser

Kathy-Prosser-Contributor-on-Kids-Entertainer-HubKathy Prosser (aka Kathy Possum) is a classically trained musician, world traveller and passionate Australian who has won 3 national awards for her children’s songs.

Let her unleash your inner songster with Are you a Closet Kids Muso?

Marcella Murad

Marcella-Murad-on-Kids-Entertainers-Hub1A children’s’ entertainer specializing in clowning and face painting, Marcela is also an author, speaker, instructor, and former publisher of Face and Body Art International Magazine, she is recognized as one of the premier face painters in the country and has been influential in revolutionizing this art form.

Tom Crowl

Tom Crowl, a high-energy comedian ventriloquist and contributor on Kids entertainer hubFast track your learning with Tom Crowl, a high-energy comedian ventriloquist. With over 30 years of professional entertainment experience, Tom has been the featured opener for numerous celebrities and is the creator of the first virtual ventriloquism course: Learn-Ventriloquism.

Robert Baxt

Robert-Baxt-Contributor-on-Kids-Entertainer-HubRobert Baxt can best be characterized by the phrase “If all the world’s a stage, he wants better lighting!” A F.I.S.M. winner for Comedy Magic, his style of performing emphasizes fun with a minimum of props. Stimulate your thinking with Baxt’s Bits Of Business.

Todd Neufeld

Todd Neufeld Contributor at Kids Entertainer HubTodd Neufeld twists balloons in New York City and beyond.  He has appeared on numerous stages, TV shows, books, magazines and newspapers.  Besides entertaining and educating with balloons, Todd helps entertainers automate their business. Find out how you can too…

Mark Wade

Mark-Wade-Contributor-on-Kids-Entertainer-HubMark Wade is “America’s Foremost Kid Show Ventriloquist”. He is an internationally known lecturer and performer, and is the author of “Kidshow Ventriloquism”, THE book on how to perform vent for children. Here he shares his ‘Ventrilo-Secrets’…

Colette Kelly

Colette-Kelly-Contributor-on-Kids Entertainer HubColette Kelly runs Magic4Children and performs as ‘Doodle’ specialising in entertaining younger children. Over 14 years of kids entertainment doing stilt walking, balloon modelling, face painting, craft parties, magic, games, disco, ran an entertainment agency and lectured.

Richard Welsh

Richard-Welsh-Contributor-on-Kids-Entertainer-HubOver 30 years Richard Welsh has been a DJ and enjoyed a successful time as a  performer in comedy and various theatre shows in the UK and Europe. Now bringing that experience with a fresh and modern  approach to children’s disco/themed parties, he lets you into the spotlight…

Brian Richards

Brian-Richards-Contributor-on-Kids-Entertainer-HubBrian Richards is a full-time professional magician that focuses on educational programming for students in schools and adults in the corporate market.  Based in Minneapolis he is also a published author and marketing consultant in addition to being a full-time entrepreneur!

Clayton Poland

Clayton Poland Contributor Kids Entertainer HubClayton has a passion to motivate, encourage and inspire this generation. For over 10 years, Clayton has been pouring into this generation using my own special interactive blend of comedy, story-telling, magic, games and over the top props. He works with groups of 5 to over 5,000.

Michelle Uulf

Michelle Uulf is a contributor at Kids Entertainer HubEntertaining kids since 14 years old, in 2009 this passion lead Michelle to begin a kid’s entertainment business named Kiddly-Winks. Michelle has a team of clowns, fairies and super heroes who she has trained in face painting, balloon twisting, magic shows, discos and games.

Leon McBryde

Leon McBryde Contributor at Kids Entertainer HubLeon McBryde is the epitome of a ‘perfect clown’. Trained by Ringling Bros. Circus he became their Goodwill Ambassador. He runs ProKNOWS which has been the leading manufacturer of professional clown noses for over 25 years

Patrick Slaughter

Patrick Slaughter is a contributor at Kids Entertainer HubPatrick Slaughter is the Clown Prince of Magic and practices law 50 hours a week. He has performed street magic, trade shows, stage shows in international hotel chains. He has opened for Jeff McBride and still he finds time to keep loving performing kids entertainment.

Steve Wickenton

Steve Wickenton is a contributor at Kids Entertainer HubSteve Wickenton is Melbourne based Children Entertainer and Magician.  After studying the Build Your Magic Show course he decided to transition from part time to full time kids entertainer. Steve is an expert sound engineer for theater productions.

Dale Obrochta

Dale Obrochta is a contributor at Kids Entertainer HubDale Obrochta, entertainer, speaker, and marketing coach puts a twist on events.  Dale takes well-healed adults and transforms them in to kids at corporate events. Dale is a veteran kid’s entertainer who shares his passion for marketing and entertaining with entertainment community.

Peter Aubery

Peter Aunbery Nkids Entertainer Hub ContributorPete Aubery is a children’s entertainer in the Edinburgh area of Scotland. He also founded, designs and edits Rubber Chicken Magazine the UK’s only full colour glossy magazine for Children’s Entertainers. He has had many jobs in his life including IT Engineer, Chef and on one horrible occasion, he worked as a bin man.

Matt MartinMatt-Martin-Contributor-on-KEH

Matthew Martin has been performing magic since eight years old, when he received a Svengali Deck as a gift from his father. Matt learned balloon twisting to add on to his magic show, but fell so deeply in love with it that he now primarily performs as a balloon artist.

Colin Underwood Contributor at Kids Entertainer HubColin Underwood

Colin Underwood, a professional entertainer for 40 years, has performed with circuses, casinos, cruise ships, street performing in South Africa and UK, Canary Islands and Mallorca, Middle East,  Covent Garden and Edinburgh festival. He currently performs in casinos, anti bully shows and hospital visits for Reach for a Dream Organisation.

Jeffery DavisJeffery Davis Kids Entertainer Hub contributor

Jeffery Davis entertains children with balloons and magic in Austin, Texas. He credits kids entertaining as a strong force in his life that creates positive energy and direction. He is also a Chemical Dependency Counsellor.

Jeff D'Ambrosio Contributor at Kids Entertainer HubJeff D’Ambrosio

Jeff D’Ambrosio has been entertaining children with award-winning magic shows and balloon artistry since 2008. His work has been featured on television and in schools, libraries and malls all across New York State. In 2015, he won the Best Children’s Entertainer in CNY Award.

KEH Contributor Elliott SmithElliott Smith

A magician, author, and speaker, Elliott Smith has entertained audiences around the world for over 43 years. He has performed for the prime ministers of Canada, international ambassadors, and Jay Leno. He was the first Canadian magician to headline at the prestigious Friars Club in New York.

KEH Contributor Martin HuntbachMartin Huntbach

Martin runs numerous online and offline businesses including Jammy Digital, a digital marketing agency in Manchester, UK. He also teaches small businesses how to improve their online presence via an online training program and live in-person workshops. Martin’s blog offers helpful resources that you can find at the Online Masterclass.

KEH Contributor Jody GreigJody Greig

Jody Greig is a former teacher of computer science, an author, and a professional magician. He is the creator of the Flummix® Learning FX™ System and workshops that fuse together science, maths, and the art of magic.

KEH Contributors Mark Beckwith Obediah ThomasMark Beckwith and Obediah Thomas

Mark Beckwith and Obediah Thomas are the school assembly performing duo called Razzle Bam Boom. Having started in 1999, they have now performed their 11 original productions thousands of times at hundreds of schools in Southern California. Mark and Obediah are currently producing a video course entitled “Perform School Assemblies: Make a Living – Make a Difference”, which will be available on January 1, 2017.

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