KEH084: How to Make Your Own Contract

Kids Entertainer Podcast 084 with Michelle Uulf: How to Make Your Own Contract

How to Make Your Own Contract: Tips on Creating a Simple Binding Contract for Kids Entertainers Legal gibberish turns off many of us, and that may be why you’ve put off having your own contract in place. Drafting one also seems like a painstakingly meticulous business as you need to cover a lot of bases.…

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The Battle Over Costumed Characters: What This Means for Kids Entertainers

The Battle Over Costumed Characters: What This Means for Kids Entertainers

  In late March, three entertainment industry giants filed a lawsuit against a company that provides costumed characters for parties and events. Disney, Marvel, and Lucasfilm Entertainment Company accused Characters for Hire of using their copyrighted characters, like Mickey Mouse, Disney princesses, Spider-Man, and Darth Vader, without permission. The news sparked quite a discussion in…

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5 Tips to Make Getting Paid for Gigs Headache-Free

Get paid for your gigs with no problem with these tips.

You’ve finished your show and now it’s time to be paid for your gig. You try to find the busy mum and you spot her frantic with guests. With some effort, you’re able to have a few seconds with her, but she tells you her husband forgot to withdraw the cash for your payment. And…

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A Kids Entertainer Guide to Corporations

kids entertainer, Patrick Slaughter

Why would an entertainer want to “incorporate?” Man when I was first starting to earn a decent living as a performer, this topic caused me more confusion than just about any other as far as business organizations go… Everybody kept telling me that I needed to “incorporate.”   What the heck did that mean?!  Well it turns…

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ShowBiz LegalBiz with Patrick Slaughter Part 1

Legal Tips For Kids Entertainers Did you ever hear your parents say ‘It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt!’  Children’s entertaining is sort of like that. We often don’t plan ahead. Here are some essential things EVERY kids entertainer needs to consider …

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