Try This for a Cool & Different Birthday Entertainment: A Paper Plane Party!

Try This for a Cool & Different Birthday Entertainment: A Paper Plane Party

Want something fresh and out of the ordinary for birthday parties, particularly for boys? Here’s a brilliant idea from Alberto Lobo-Guerrero S., a professional magician from Colombia and a member of the Kids Entertainment Academy. Knowing that their child and their child’s friends love to make paper airplanes, Alberto and his wife decided to throw…

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Exciting Ideas for Children’s Entertainers

Exciting Ideas for Children's Entertainers

  We all need inspiration once in a while. And to help you add some zing to the way you perform, handle an audience, or create an indelible positive impression on your clients, we asked kids entertainers from the world over to share the best ideas they’ve ever heard or read about. So, ready for…

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An Easy-to-Make Gift Perfect for Professional Children’s Entertainers

Gifts—we love to get them, and though we’d love to give them, too, sometimes they just cost us too much. Especially for us kids entertainers. We can’t hand one child a giveaway and not give the rest one each, too. Good thing there are easy-to-make, easy-on-the-pocket presents, like this lovely little gift. It will cost…

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Get These Free Kids Party Giveaways: Cootie Catchers!

Who among us hasn’t played with cootie catchers at one point in our lives? These pieces of origami, which are also known as fortune tellers, chatterboxes, or whirlybirds, are perfect not just for kids, but also for all types of kids entertainers. Whether you’re a face painter, balloon twister, or magician, you’ll be certain to…

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