KEH 043 - Tom Crowl

The Business Side of Kids Entertainment

Tips on How to Build a Solid Career in the Industry

If you’re like many magicians, face painters, magical storytellers, balloon twisters, and other children’s performers, you probably went into kids entertainment for the love of it, without having the business side of it all figured out.

Master ventriloquist Tom Crowl started much the same way. The creator of the first ever virtual ventriloquist course, Tom actually performed magic for a long time before he made the leap to ventriloquism out of necessity. In this podcast, he shares his journey and the things he learned along the way that helped him—and would help you—make a solid career in kids entertainment. So listen closely and you just might pick up the piece of insight you need to make your business flourish like never before.


In this episode we discuss:

- How Tom switched from magic to ventriloquism and the transition pains he experienced

- His approach to the business side of performing (“If you’re going to build a career, you need consistent action.”)

- The benefits of learning from others

- How he put together his ventriloquism course and came to earn passive income from it

- The importance of doing content marketing vs. traditional marketing

- Tips for those who are serious about building a career in entertainment


Resources mentioned in this episode:

FREE Think Big Webinar

Magician Business Website

Tom’s Learn Ventriloquism Course

Tom’s Corporate Ventriloquist Website

The Savvy Event Planner Podcast

Tom’s Entertainment Experts Series


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