Bubble Games for Little Kids

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Bubble Games: Ideas for Professional Kids Entertainers

In my last article we looked at what qualifies a ‘little kids vs a big kids’.

This time I share my bubble games for little kids.

No child, to my knowledge, can resist the lure of bubbles. From the tiniest tots to the stomp in-betweenagers… They all want to join in.

Using bubbles and music at the beginning of your show for a few minutes is a great opener, ice breaker and group bonder all rolled into one. You’ll have all the kids engaged, following you around and having a great time within 5 minutes of starting.

How do you do it?

The tools:

A battery operated bubble gun work best. They are cheap and easy to pick up from eBay and normally comes with bubble mixture.

Hint: Buy a few at a time and carry a backup as they do have a limited lifespan.

Use a bubble gun rather than blowing through a little wand. It leaves you able to talk while blowing continues bubbles and just looks a little bit more professional. Kids know these guns and immediately get excited as they know what is coming, so I have found no need for big, fancy and expensive bubble guns.

Top up bubble mixture. I have tried all sorts, bubble concentrate, large quantities premixed solution, but I have found that the best and most reliable mixture is from our local superstore (Tesco) in their party accessories section.

Beware of:

Slippery Floors. Some floor surfaces become really slippery when the bubble mixture drops on it. Always do a test area before you go crazy and create a skate rink! This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Hint: I always carry a hand towel with me for mopping up spills. Kitchen towel will also work.

Carpets. If you are working on a carpeted area (like a house), always check with a person in charge that they are okay with you using bubbles. You don’t want to end up paying for cleaning a really expensive carpet if you spill a few drops of bubble mixture on it!

I do not recommend using a bubble machine (unless outdoors) – with it being stationary you end up with a puddle of bubbles on the floor…

Bubble Games:

While walking around with the bubble gun, the children will follow you like the Pied Piper…

Get them to simply pop the bubbles at first… Then do some ‘crocodile claps’ – arms stretched out in front of them and clapping their hands.
Follow this by ‘blowing the bubbles all the way to the roof’. This is my favourite game as it creates a truly magical effect with the air filled with bubbles. Any guests arriving at this point are truly taken in by this spectacular sight.

Play a few more bubbles… Step on the bubbles, dance and catch the bubbles… use your imagination.

How to handle…

… The child that wants to hold the bubble gun.

I share with them that we can’t do that. I explain that I am a bit taller than everyone and that I can blow the bubbles for everyone to catch.

This explanation seems to work very well and they are happy to catch the bubbles with their friends.

… The shy child that doesn’t want to leave mum’s side.

I go over with the bubble gun and blow some bubbles ‘just for them’. I make eye contact, smile and walk away. I do this a couple of times and most of the time that is enough to get them hooked and they join the group.

Enjoy the bubbles! They are super fun for all ages.

The next game I will share is great for little kids. It is all about copying and repetition for kids entertainers.