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Bubble Artist Tips for Entertainers

Thinking of adding bubbles in your act and need some tips from a seasoned bubble artist?

We got you covered.

In this episode, Caroline Cornelius-Jones, aka CJ the Bubbleologist, shares no-nonsense info on how to work with bubbles and even how to manage a crowd of bubble-bursting kids.

Business is thriving for this inspiring lady who is one of Singapore’s premier bubble artists. In between giving spectacular bubbles shows, playing various characters, and doing workshops, CJ runs two companies— CJ Bubble Productions and Fantasy Parties.

Learn all about her and the brilliant business of bubbles in this podcast.

In this episode we discuss:

– How CJ got the perfect bubble mixture

– How bubbles work in different temperatures

– Why CJ uses different bubble mixtures for different environments

– CJ’s selling points as a bubble artist and performer

– CJ’s love for dress-up and how that is incorporated into what she does

– Managing children during a bubble show

– How CJ puts children inside bubbles

– CJ’s showstopper: the cube-shaped bubble

– What CJ’s week looks like

– What CJ looks for when she hires new entertainers and why

– How to be in control yet still be fun (a very important skill!)

– Subcontractors—CJ’s thoughts on this

– Lessons on growing the business

– CJ’s creativity means many characters to play!

– The future for CJ Bubble Productions and Fantasy Parties

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kids Fantasy Parties

Caroline’s YouTube Channel

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