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Biggest Magic Secret Ebook is a book by Julian Mather. This free download is a “how to guide” with answers and tips that show how beginner magicians can earn more than magicians with 20 years experience.

Do you want to become a magician and earn more than those with 20 years’ experience? Then this FREE magic ebook is for you.

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Hi. My name is Julian Mather. I am a professional magician living in Brisbane, Australia where most of my work cater to children and family audiences. I run a successful small business as a magician and I’m having a great time doing it.

I wasn’t always a magician. I had another career where I was pretty much at the top of my game and the job involved world travel and excitement.

But I had a problem. I couldn’t stop thinking about magic. I dreamed of becoming a magician. I would go to sleep thinking about it and wake up dreaming about it.

I bought tricks, practised in front of a mirror, then with trembling hands tried them out in front of my family and friends. It wasn’t a great start but I knew two things for sure: I WANTED to be a magician and I wasn’t going to give up.

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I put my nose to the grindstone and ploughed forward making many mistakes along the way. Ten years later, I put my head up for a breath of air and guess what … I was living my dream as a magician.

I started to think about my journey and what it had taught me. I wish it could have been easier, but the one thing I really wanted, I could never buy straight off the shelf.

What I wanted was a mentor, a guiding light, a shoulder to lean on, someone to be there with me when I was going into the unknown.

That got me into thinking, could I provide some sort of confidence-in-a-can for aspiring magicians?

Biggest Magic Secret EbookI looked at the core of tricks and funny bits that form the pillar of much of what I do. These are the materials that work so well that they provide me with the confidence I need to stand in front of an audience. Some of them are difficult to do, but much is not. It’s from this pool of easy-to-do materials that I am going to share some of my professional routines with you. This may be just what you need to help you get going.

I want you to have my free magic ebook because it will make you such a good magician—and it will teach you how you can earn in the process. The information in this free magic ebook will prove invaluable to you.

The book is written from my perspective. Now I am not an expert on many things, but I am an expert on living the dream of being a magician. I’ve been there and done that and I know all the questions you want answered.

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This is the sort of material I was desperate for in my early years. In it, you will find the answers to these questions and more:

What are the best tricks?
How many tricks do I need to start?
Do I have to learn all types of magic?
How good do I have to be before I start performing?
Is standing in front of an audience scary?
How do I deal with nerves?
What if people don't like me or my tricks?
I don't like deceiving people. Will I get over this?
How do I stop people who are trying to mess up my tricks?
Should I be a street magician like David Blaine?
How much money do magicians earn?
Do I need to be funny?
How do I approach people?
What do bookers want?
How do I put an act together?
How do I structure my routine?
Where am I going to find the time?

It’s all explained in a language that you can understand—no padding, no filler.

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See you on the bright side!

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