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Step 6 to Becoming an Amazing Games Leader: Become a Cheerleader

Last time we talked about what questions to avoid when leading kids’ games. Now we’ll talk about something completely different: the importance of being a cheerleader when leading children’s games.

But before we start, let me be clear. By saying you become a cheerleader, I’m not suggesting that you come dressed in a short skirt or that you do backflips on the stage. So what do I mean exactly? This I explain below.

High Energy Is Contagious

The best way to ensure that the two teams of spectators watching your game will not be disruptive is for you to become a cheerleader.

How? Once you say “Go” and the game begins, turn to all the spectators and say, “Come on! Let’s cheer for your team! Let’s go! Come on, cheer them on! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!”

Not only does this energize the kids playing the game, but it gives all the other kids something to do—encourage their teammates!

I do this multiple times throughout each game. (My games typically last between 60 and 90 seconds.) This creates an atmosphere of high energy. By becoming a cheerleader, you can even motivate a quite group to cheer on their team. Kids love it! Adults love it! I love it!

Be Active!

Cheerleaders are always moving. Even if cheerleaders are just standing on one spot, they are waving their arms, smiling and encouraging their team.

To be an amazing games leader, you have to follow suit. You should be exhausted after leading games with your group of kids!

Make Everyone Feel Like a Winner

One of the most important times to be a cheerleader is when the kids are going back to their seats.

After a game, one kid is walking back with head held high because he or she earned a point for his or her team, while another kid is returning to his or her seat knowing he or she didn’t earn a point. I always—and I do mean always—have the team who did not win cheer for their teammate! This allows both kids to walk back to their seats with their team cheering for them.

Not once have I had a child cry because he or she did not win the game and earn a point. Not once! It’s because being a cheerleader makes every kid feel like a winner!

Music Is a Great Mood Lifter

If possible, play music during each game. The music should be fast-paced and fun. A good soundtrack for each game helps add energy to your game time. It is not a necessity, but music can cheer your young players on and motivate them.

Give these tips a try and see the difference in your kid participants.

Now you have only one more step to go to become an amazing games leader! In my next article, we will look at this final step that will help you make your games live forever!


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