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Step 4 to Becoming an Amazing Games Leader: You Need Only One Rule!

Last time I talked about the importance of keeping things simple when leading kids games. This time I’ll let you into the next step: keeping just a single rule.

Let me ask you something. Have you ever been to an event where, before any sort of happening starts, the event director comes on stage and explains a long laundry list of rules? “Do this, don’t do that” drones on and on.

I have been to events like this, and not a single soul gets pumped up with good vibes and excitement by a litany of do’s and don’ts.

Starting off an event with a long list of rules always sucks the life out of the event before it even gets started. This is why long ago, I decided I would have only one rule for my events.

The One Rule to Rule Them All

My one rule works with groups of any size. I have used it with groups consisting of less than 10 kids to groups consisting of over 5,500 kids. And it works. Every time. Without fail.

So what is my one rule? It is so simple that you might dismiss it. Here it is:

The kids who are not playing the game must remain in their seat while the game is being played.

I know what you’re thinking. “Really? That’s it?!”

Yes! That is the only rule you need. Let me show you how to take this rule and make it work for you.

Applying the Rule

What I do is this: After I divide the group into two teams (see Step 2), I say, “And now what I need is a volunteer!”

Before I pick the very first volunteer, I communicate my one and only rule this way:

“If you want to volunteer, you must stay in your seat. You cannot get out of your seat. If you get out of your seat, stand up, or come toward the stage, I will not pick you for one of our games. Now, if you want to volunteer, I need you to stay seated, raise your hand high, and make some noise that lets me know you want to volunteer!”

I say those exact words every time I start an event.

Trust me, it works every time. The best part about it is it saves me from going over a long list of rules and it keeps me from killing the energy in the room. I don’t even tell the kids, “This is my only rule. If you break it, that’s it, the fun is over!”

And you know what else? I have never had to state the rule multiple times during an event. By stating the rule clearly and firmly upfront, the kids know what is expected of them.

My one rule has worked great for me and I know it will work for you, too.

Next time we’ll look into the step that was the most difficult for me to put into practice, but when I mastered it, my events rose to another level. Stay tuned for that one.


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