Want to learn how to make good portable backdrops for the school stage? Check out this tutorial made and written by Obediah Thomas:

The video above is mostly for general inspiration, made exclusively for the Kids Entertainer Podcast audience. Here you will get the basic idea on how to make backdrops. If you need more details about working with PVC, you will find many video tutorials online. A few are provided below as well.

Download Training Tip 81 - How to Make Portable & Easy-to-Set-Up Backdrops

I recommend that when working with PVC, always use a primer. You think you don’t really need it, but it makes the cement (not glue) hold for far more years. I cement all small joining pieces to one long piece, then I only have to deal with connecting long pieces.

Here’s another tip: buy a PVC cutter (it costs $10-$12). It will save you time and mess.

Below are two videos that will guide you when working with PVC.


Cutting PVC


Connecting PVC

Figure out the storage first before settling on the size of the backdrop. Have a 3′ bag? Then make the backdrop 3 sections of 3′ across and 2 floor to top. The feet added maybe a foot or so.

Download Training Tip 81 - How to Make Portable & Easy-to-Set-Up Backdrops

Contact me if you have any questions. I’d also love to see any backdrops you’ve created.

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