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KEH 009: Behaviour Management Tips for Kids Entertainers

Behaviour management tips for kids entertainers

Behaviour Management Tips for Kids Entertainers If you work as a professional kids entertainer you will recognise that delivering a good performance is a balance between having good skills to entertain and being able to manage the audience. Managing kids behaviour can sometimes be a real challenge but this is made doubly difficult when you…

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KEH 008: Kids Songs, Performing Tips and More with Peter Combe

Kids Songs, Performing Tips and More with Peter Combe What can you learn from an award winning kids musician? Lots. Whether you want to break into kids song writing or not, in this episode respected kids entertainer Peter Combe shares performing tips, how you can write a kids song and about breaking into the kids…

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Danger Pass the Parcel

If someone tells you that there’s a party game that would be as equally effective for 2-year-olds as it would be for 14-year-olds and that it could work for any age group in between those two, you’d probably be unconvinced. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all game… right? Turns out, there is. With this…

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Your 40 Top Tips for Kids Entertainers

We asked 40 kids entertainers one question… What is the one thing you wish you had known before becoming a children’s entertainer? In this post you will find tips, wisdom and technique from 50 kids entertainers. The answers came in from face painters, clowns, jugglers, magicians, costume characters,  balloon twisters, ventriloquists, kids musicians, circus artists…

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If you want to discover what kids and family magicians do then this is the place for you. Doug Scheer and Christopher T Magician kick off proceedings …

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