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Waiting for the Call

Waiting for the Call: Tips for Kids Entertainers

Last time we talked about how to negotiate for higher fees. This time we’ll talk about handling tentative bookings in a way that is fair to you, to your prospective client, and to other clients looking to book the same schedule. Last December, I finished a show at a convention centre where an assortment of…

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Negotiating Higher Fees

TIps for Kids Entertainers: How to Negotiate for Higher Fees

Last time I talked about how to find more bookings by creating repeat clients. In this post, we’ll discuss something that many kids entertainers want to do but find tricky: charging higher fees. We all dream of making more money, don’t we? For not just magicians but also for most people, life would be great…

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The Repeat Client

The Repeat Client: Tips on How to Score More Bookings with Your Previous Clients

In my previous article, I shared three tips on how to keep your clients from delaying your show. Now we’ll go into something that is every professional’s concern: keeping the business of good clients. A little while ago, I was speaking with someone who wanted some tips on how to drum up his new business.…

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Handling Delays: 3 Tips on How to Stay on Schedule

Handling Delays: 3 Tips on How to Stay on Schedule

In my previous post, I shared practical and totally doable steps that you can take to get media exposure. Here we’ll delve into something that’s part of every children and family performer’s life: delays. Has this ever happened to you? You leave your home early to get to your show taking weather, construction, and traffic…

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Developing Your Hook

Marketing Tips for Kids Entertainers: How to Develop Your Hook

I’ve met a lot of magicians and other entertainers throughout the years and one thing that’s always stuck out about most of them is their lack of business savvy. Let’s face it—we’re entertainers! We want to entertain, so why bother learning the business side of things? The answer in fact is quite simple: if you…

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