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3 Amazing and entertaining routines that fit in your pocket and are easy to do.

Anytime I need to entertain a group of younger children, or wow a group of older kids, or impress a group of adults, I just call on my trusty Audience Pleasers, and they never fail.

Ever had someone say “Show me a magic trick” but … ARGHH … you’ve never even picked up a deck of cards before? You’re probably not just into magic and you haven’t got the time to invest in it, but you keep getting asked “Can you show me a magic trick?”

Well, what if you could find a trick that takes only 10 minutes to master instead of a lifetime?

Even better, what if you could get not just one trick but THREE and you could carry these in your pocket and be ready to entertain a bunch of 5-year-olds and even a room full of adults?

That would be awesome, right? So here’s another problem-solving tool to add to your entertaining tool bag!

Audience Pleasers Card Tricks

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You’re a professional, right? You don’t want your props to perform well in the showroom then as soon as you hit the hurly-burly, rough-and-tumble world of kids gigs, find them breaking, malfunctioning, or simply not doing what they are supposed to do. You want industrial-strength tools that you can rely on. Me, too.

That’s why I created Audience Pleasers: 3 sure-fire, easy-to-do, never-fail routines in one box that get big responses for the little effort you put in. That’s my kind of magic.

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Audience Pleasers
are like old friends that live in my pocket.

Anytime I need to entertain a group of younger children, or wow a group of older kids, or impress a group of adults, I just call on my trusty Audience Pleasers, and they never fail.

Start with the interactive fun of Sharpshooter. Kids get to shoot their card out of the deck. Always safety-conscious, they use their finger gun with surprising eye-popping results.

What about when you have those older kids and teens hanging around your gig with a glint of mischievousness in their eyes?

Origami Card is a really easy-to-do routine that lets you play up your showmanship skills. Honestly, you look like a magic expert when you haven’t really done anything at all. Suck up the kudos while you can. Audiences respond so well to this trick.

Now for the Name of the Card. Simply the most versatile magic trick I know. You can do this as effectively for one person or for a hall full of 600 people.

The reaction is the same: stunned silence followed by enthusiastic chatter. No one EVER sees the ending coming, which is why it plays so well.

What if you have never picked up a deck of cards before?

Audience Pleaser Card TricksIt doesn’t matter, really. This is the one and only deck of cards you should have. It is perfect for all entertainers, especially someone with no card trick experience.

You’ll learn how to create a deck that lets you immediately and secretly know what card your volunteer has.

You can do this in an instant. You DON’T have to think or count or do any adding up or any tricky moves.

But I haven’t ever done any magic tricks before!

No need to panic. This is the easiest, most sure-fire way to do a trick I know. I use it all the time because it has qualities that make it really useful for performing.

Here. I’ll help you get started right now with some professional tips…

How to get people to WANT you to show them a trick

This is straight out of my day-to-day working repertoire. I use these lines every week of my working life.

These 3 easy ways to introduce you and your tricks get people to lean in and become interested in what you are doing.

1. Tell a Story ….When I was seven years old, I was struck by lightning and this left me with strange and unique powers. Check out what happens when you choose one of the cards from this deck.

2. Share a Secret … This is a magicians-only trick so I normally don’t show this to non-magicians. But you seem like you really enjoy magic, so check this out. Just keep it between us, okay?

3. Make a Confession … You know, I secretly hated card tricks and I could never tell other magicians. But then I found this one amazing trick that completely changed my thinking.

Now that you’ve got their attention and they are keen to see something, you can show them your never-fail Audience Pleasers.

Testimonial 2 for the Audience Pleaser Card Tricks

Testimonial 3 for the Audience Pleaser Card Tricks

Remember, Audience Pleasers…

Are super easy to do
Let you make the required 'something' in about 60 seconds
Allow you to have 100% accuracy after about one minute of practise
Can be done with your eyes shut, ears blocked, and probably even with gloves on (though I've never tried)
Can double as a deck organiser
Look like a completely fair choice
Allow everybody in the group to see the card
Put you in the centre of attention the entire time

It sounds like a big hype of a simple move, doesn’t it? But when you use it, you will see that it does meet all the criteria listed above.

Now for the card tricks in detail. (If you don’t like card tricks, then these might change your mind.)

I am always on the lookout for versatile card tricks. By this I mean tricks that, with some small adjustments, let you use them for a few people or a big room of audience.

Here are three card tricks that I use from my performing repertoire. The first one is fantastic, the second is even better. and the third I like better than the others.

You get all the detailed instructions so you can make the entire deck of cards yourself. In fact, make a few decks so you always have one on hand when you need it. All it takes is about 20 minutes.

Name of the Card TrickAn audience-pleasing card trick that:

> is very clever but so easy to do

> your audience will love even without a good presentation

> plays big—I have performed this to a crowd of 600

> is just as good for strolling

> can be adapted for different messages for different audiences

> is suitable for any audience over 10 years old

> requires only a deck of cards and 2 items that can be found at any stationery store

Origami Card TrickThis comes straight out of my performing repertoire. You’ll be able to put it into service almost immediately.

> It requires only a deck of cards and a pair of scissors.

> It’s one of my go-to tricks for audiences of 5–50.

> It looks like it requires great skill but is actually very easy to achieve.

> You end up with a giveaway memento for an audience member.

> You can use it as a middle or a closer.

> This is a full-performance piece.

Sharpshooter Card TrickThis is a kid-friendly trick that I show you how to make, and all it takes is a few minutes. This is perfect for kids aged 4–14.

> very interactive

> has room for as much silliness as you like

> can be adapted as a stage trick for larger shows

> has a very visual ending that kids love to talk about

Why have Audience Pleasers stayed in my performing repertoire for so long?

Because you only need this ONE DECK that you can carry around with you and you WILL BE PREPARED for so many performing situations. I always have one of these in my kit!

Audience Pleasers is truly the first and last deck of cards you’ll ever need.

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Testimonial 5 for the Audience Pleaser Card Tricks
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P.S. If within 30 days you can not see how this can truly work for you, then get a full refund, no questions asked.

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We do not send you a physical deck of cards. Audience Pleasers is an in-depth training video with accompanying detailed PDFs. You make your own deck from any deck of cards. You get instant access to the training video and you will have the deck soon after watching the video. It’s that easy and quick. No waiting for anything to arrive in the mail.

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