Audience Handling Tips for Kids Entertainers: Podcast Episode with Paul Megram

Audience Handling Tips for Kids Entertainers:

How to Manage the Behaviour of the Children—and the Adults—at Your Show

Welcome to the second series of the Kids Entertainer Podcast!

For our first episode of series 2, we bring you brilliant audience handling tips from the UK’s award-winning children’s entertainer, Paul Megram.

Holding the attention of kids these days is harder than it used to be. Paul shares how he deals with the challenge of entertaining kids who are constantly exposed to a barrage of stimuli from technology and the media. He also shares how he cleverly manages disruptive adults in his performances.

In this podcast, you’ll also pick up excellent tips on how you can create the best conditions for your show so you will be sure to give an amazing performance every time.

So get your pen and notepad ready because this episode is worth jotting down notes for.


In this episode we discuss:

– Paul’s two show formats/formulas

– Why he includes a variety of entertainment in his magic shows

– How he communicates to his bookers what he needs to give the best show (Awesome tips here.)

– How he gets the mums to watch his show with their kids and how this has worked for him wonderfully

– Why he believes in taking control of a party and not just following the lead of the booker

– The importance of setting the right conditions for your show and getting only the kind of gigs you want

– Tips on show setup

– How to respectfully and effectively manage adults who are chatting and disrupting your show

–His must-play, go-to game


Resources mentioned in this episode:

GMD FormulaPaul Megram's King of Custard DVD

The King of Custard Lecture Notes

If you want to get Paul’s King of Custard DVD, contact him through his website: The Magic Castle



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