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How to get attention and how to approach groups of people to show them your skills are two of the most often asked performing questions you find coming up, again and again, in online entertainer forums and magazine columns.

That’s because it’s not that easy for a lot of us. Thankfully it comes easily to me now, but believe me, it wasn’t always that way. I was naturally shy for much of my life. Mingling in social situations never came easy for me. Getting people’s attention was hard for me, and figuring out how always on my mind.

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Attention Getters Shop GraphicsThen when I started doing magic, it got even worse. My thinking went: if I interrupt your conversation to show you some tricks, then I’d better be able to deliver because if I can’t, you’re going to be angry with me. The fear of failure and rejection started to creep in, and it’s then that I’d lost the confidence I needed.

So I came up with a strategy. I thought that if I approached a group of people with something other than a magic trick, something that didn’t have any of the it-either-works-or-it doesn’t connotations attached to it, then I needn’t worry about failing.

I thought to myself, why not take some tricks that can’t go wrong and rename them as competitions? I engineered it so the person competing would always win. But luckily for me and unknown to them, the prize for winning would always be a magic trick.

Of course I didn’t spell this out to the audience at the start, but it became abundantly clear by the end. This way, I didn’t have to say I was a magician at the outset, which in my own mind created a lot of pressure on me to get it right. By doing this approach, I could ease into the group and test the waters so to speak.

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I use all of these on a regular basis. In the videos, you will see they are adaptable to different performing situations. There are live performances in front of audiences recorded at actual paying jobs. You can earn money with this material.

These will work for any entertaining situation. They are not magic tricks. They are general-purpose, industrial-strength tools for serious entertainers of all types.

The 4 Attention Getters / Ice Breakers I am offering you on this video will really help you to get people’s attention.

Itty Cider Mitt FeeItty Cider Mitt Fee may be a strange name, but this ice breaker is so versatile. It has the wonderful ability to get people to actually ask you to do a magic trick for them (I kid you not), so when they do, you can launch into one of your opening effects.

You can present this as a small competition or a challenge, or you can wear one or put it on your table. It’s never very long before someone asks you to do a magic trick for them.

Itty Cider Mitt Fee also gets your first laugh from your audience, which is great for setting a fun tone early on.

You will receive a PDF download that you can print and laminate, and it comes in small, medium and large sizes.

Everyones a WinnerEveryone’s a Winner is a very fast and easy-to-follow game where the winning prize is … a magic trick! Your audience will quickly realise you have hoodwinked them. With a smile, you graciously fulfill your side of the bargain by doing a magic trick. This is a lot of fun. You’ll find yourself repeating it, as your audience will want you to do it for their friends who haven’t seen it yet. They feel it’s fun to be in on the secret. You can also customise this with your client’s particular message if required.

As with Itty Cider Mitt Fee, you will also receive a PDF download that you can print and laminate for this ice breaker, and it comes in small, medium and large sizes.

What's That ThereWith What’s That There, I show you how to make a gimmick that will turn you into an instant sleight of hand expert. It’s a quick way to establish yourself as a magician as it is showy, visual and amazing-looking. It also comes into and out of play in a very natural fashion. You never get caught. All ages love this, and it is very cheap to make. You will keep this in your pocket always.

FreebieFREEbie. Everyone loves a freebie. You start handing out giveaways and because humans don’t like to miss out on anything that’s free, you get lots of takers. And while everyone is standing around looking perplexed with their freebie, you get them to follow your actions. Before they know it, they have done their first magic trick ever. While the smiles and chattering are at a high, you launch into something a little more interesting—your first trick. A lot of fun for a small outlay.

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P.S. If within 30 days you can not see how this can truly work for you, then get a full refund, no questions asked.

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A few more things you might like to know …

  • The 4 routines work in any language. You are provided with everything you need to easily make any changes yourself.
  • ‘What’s That There’ requires you to purchase a very cheap magic prop ($4–$5) that is available everywhere. You will need to make some modifications to it. If you are not handy with simple tools, no need to worry. You will also get 2 PDF’s that you can print out and give to someone who can make the modifications for you. It is VERY easy and explained in complete detail.
  • As with all our training materials, you get instant access. No waiting for anything to arrive in the mail. You will be instantly sent your login details so you can start learning straight away when you log into your own member training area. Any of our training that you have purchased is available there as well. This means you can access your training 24 hours a day, 365 days a year wherever you are on any desktop, tablet or smartphone.


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