KEH050: Adding Puppets to Your Kids Show

Adding Puppets to Your Kids Show

Adding Puppets to Your Kids Show:

Tips for Children’s Entertainers Looking to Add More to Their Act

Ever thought of adding puppets to your kids show? This episode just might give you the nudge you need to give it a try.

In this podcast interview, professional magician and ventriloquist Tom Crowl shares the difference that puppets can make to your show, as well as fantastic tips and resources you can use to be a good puppet manipulator. Listen to the conversation and pick up the information you need to add more colour, depth, and value to your act.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Tom got started in ventriloquism
  • Why it is a good idea to add a puppet to your act
  • Top tips on how to be a good ventriloquist
  • How Tom created his online ventriloquist course
  • How his group’s forum provides support and help to members
  • Where you can get five free lessons on ventriloquism fundamentals from Tom (breathing, puppet manipulation, character development, etc.)


Resources mentioned in this episode:

GMD Formula

Tom Crowl’s Vocal Versatility Course

Kids Entertainers Facebook group


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