The Best Marketing Tip for Children’s Entertainers We’ve Seen This Year

Stephen Von Spiegelhauer's Instagram Frame: The Best Marketing Tip for Children's Entertainers We've Seen This Year

Stephen von Spiegelhauer, also known as the White Wizard, gives us fellow kids entertainers a treat today: a simple, creative tool that will add loads of fun to your gigs and market your services so effortlessly all at the same time. Read Stephen’s post below to find out how to do this insanely effective promotional material yourself.

Download the Template Artwork and Guide and Make Your Own Instagram Frame

Like most of us, I have tried using social media to promote my business in the hopes of getting my product in front of more people and thus generate more income. However most of the time, I’m the one putting in the time, posting pictures, tagging people, and even asking parents to tag me in the pictures they post.

At times I wondered why I kept doing this for the few measly likes I get—likes I get mainly from people I know. How do I reach new customers?, I wondered.

Enter the Instagram Frame.

I was listening to a podcast by Zivi Raviv on raising your fees when Zivi began speaking about making parents our champions. While listening to this, I was also browsing images for wedding magic and I came across Instagram and Facebook frames used in wedding receptions and birthdays.

Stephen von Speigel Hauer's Instagram Idea for Kids Entertainers: An Instagram Frame Being Used in a WeddingStephen von Speigel Hauer's Instagram Idea for Kids Entertainers: An Instagram Frame Being Used by the Bride and Groom for a Wedding Photoshoot

Naturally I thought, “I should make one for my magic show.”

I asked a friend to make several promotional materials on Photoshop. Before we came up with the final product, we spoke about some characteristics of the design. These I share below.

Design Consideration


When making your own Instagram frame, remember that you will have to transport it to different venues. You therefore have to consider the size of your vehicle when choosing the size of your frame.

My vehicle is large enough to transport a large frame so I made it to measure 1040mm x 1450mm / 41 x57 inches. You may choose to do that or opt for a few smaller ones made in different themes (Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, for example).

Material to Be Printed On

Stephen von Speigel Hauer's Instagram Idea for Kids Entertainers: Foam Used for an Instagram Frame

The thickness of the foam I used measures 1 cm / .5 inch.

The cheapest option is a material here in Australia called corflute. I would not recommend this however as corflute is very thin and can be easily bent and permanently creased.

I opted to go with thick foam that has card on both front and back because it’s thicker and more durable. I also had the print on the foam laminated so as to protect it.

If you want more information and tips on what material to use and what printing considerations to remember, check out Billy Diamond’s “Instagram Marketing Tips for Entertainers.”

Visuals to Represent Your Business

Here are the three designs we came up with for my Instagram frame.

Stephen von Speigel Hauer's Instagram Idea for Kids Entertainers: Three Instagram Frame Designs

Download the Template Artwork and Guide and Make Your Own Instagram Frame

Design 1. I was concerned that there were too many thin parts that could be bent or broken. The parrot’s feathers on its wings and head could easily break and the wizard’s head might bend forward.

Design 2.  We tried to cover parts of the parrot by adding balloons to the bottom of the frame. However, I still felt the head was vulnerable to breaking or bending.

Design 3. Adding more balloons seemed to do the trick. I was happy with how the characters are now protected.

#Hashtags. The sky’s the limit here. I suggest typing in many different hashtags on Instagram to see which ones are already being used and are popular in your business circle (for example, #kidsmagic).

You can also include hashtags to express a little of your own personality. For instance, I came up with #doesmyparrotlookbiginthis in my Instagram frame just to add a dash of humor. Play around and see what you can come up with.

Stephen Von Spiegelhauer's Instagram Idea for Kids Entertainers: Include popular and creative hashtags

Logo and Instagram Account. Your Instagram frame is a great marketing tool that can help introduce you to more potential clients. So do yourself a favour—get an Instagram account and use your logo as your icon picture on the frame. (If you need a quick guide to setting up and using Instagram, check out this article: What Is Instagram?)

If you’re still not convinced, let me tell you what happened when I used the frames in actual events.

Stephen Von Spiegelhauer's Instagram Frame for Kids Entertainers: Make sure to use your logo and Instagram name account in your printout frame

Stephen Von Spiegelhauer's Instagram Frame for Kids Entertainers: Make sure to use your logo and Instagram name account in your printout frame

I road-tested the Instagram frame at two birthday parties for 5-year-old boys. The first was a small gathering in a stylish home, and the second was a large party at a hall. At the end of both shows, I announced that it was time to take out their mobile phones for photo opportunities.

The parents quickly got their phones and cameras out and directed the instant photo shoot. “Okay, just the boys in this pic!” “Now the cousins!” “Just the birthday boy!”

Believe me, when I took my Instagram frame out, it was just a frenzy of clicking.

A mother was talking to me while more photos were being taken and hear this: she was posting pictures and hashtagging while we were speaking.

She was happily advertising my business to hundreds of people that did not know my business, but thanks to her posting those pictures, they do now. And if those people want to know more about me, they can easily see my logo, Instagram account name, and website in the frame and thus they would know where and how to find me. In my estimation, from those two children’s birthday parties, I must have reached quite a few thousand new possible clients.

So there you have it. The Instagram frame may take a bit of work, but is it worth it?




  • Big thanks to Stephen for sharing this and taking the time to explain it out so well

    • Colin Underwood

      Hi Julian
      This is a gem. I plan to make one up. I see this suitable for all events. I had been working on a thought bubble card like you see in cartoons. Might combine it. Regards. Crazy Colin

      • I’m keen to see the variation people come up with on this theme. I can see this working especially well for balloon testers and face painters as everyone wants to get picture taken with their balloon and their face art. I think restaurant workers can get mileage from this as the restaurant can get plenty of mileage; sort of a combined promotion. Tradeshow where it features the client. Lots of possibilities. Make sure you return here Colin and post your results.

      • I was thinking the same thing with the thought bubbles. Can’t wait to see it. Please do share when it is created Colin.

  • What a great idea! Thank you Stephen.

  • Thanks for sharing this and explaining it.

    • My pleasure Bartholomew. Looking forward to seeing more Kids Entertainers posting their new Instagram frame. 🙂

  • Definitely making one of these! Thanks for sharing!

  • steve wick

    Thanks for sharing Stephen. I had seen you using this on BYMS and was considering ways that I could make it work for me. Now you have just taken most of the guess work out of it. Cheers 🙂

  • Philip Partridge

    Thank you for sharing Stephen

  • Bob Leedom

    Great idea, Stephen!
    🙂 When I read that you were making your frame measure “1040m x 1450m”, I realized that it wouldn’t even fit on an aircraft carrier! Fortunately, it looks a bit smaller than that in your pictures! 🙂

    • That made laugh! We could get EVERY kids entertainer in the world in the one shot

      • That’s fixed now and the sizes are included in inches as well … 41×57

  • Here’s where you can get a photoshop template that you can alter yourself of take to your print shop to do the work

  • Daniel Lefty Clemente

    This is seriously awesome…only thing is it appears instagram updated their app within the last few days…the hearts and comment icons are no longer shaded, and a few more minor things…but i cant wait to play around with this in photoshop!!! THANKS!!

    • Funny you should mention this Daniel. When I google the pictures of Instagam frames there were so many variations. I had to just bit the bullet and make a decision on one style.

  • This is a great example of making promo fun, like a toy. He’s given them something unique that they can share with their friends and feel clever while marketing his show. Fantastic, and making this prop is going to be a priority for me. Thanks so much Stephen!

    • No problems Balloon Storyteller..Hope you get lots of promotional work from this 🙂 Can’t wait to see yours. please post pics.

      • I have a lot of projects on my plate right now so it will be a while. I also need to figure out a way to make it pack smaller. I like to keep all of my regular show props in my car at all times, and it will get dinged up if I can’t roll it up and put it in a poster tube or something.

  • Daniel Lefty Clemente

    Here is what I’ve come up with so far…using the template that was provided…i changed the bottom a little since the newest instagram update added new icons to the bottom…i still need to ad the arrow and three circles to the far right side…but ill do that tomorrow…this is going to be AWESOME to print…thank you so much Stephen and Julian!

    • I like how it looks like you are ‘popping in’ from the side to say hi! It’s interesting how you would likely lose that effect if you moved the image to the left any further. I’m keen to see how this develops

  • Daniel Lefty Clemente

    Here is my final revision, sent to the printer for price quoting…it has the newest updated icons found under the photo…hope you guys like it…and i hope its not to expensive lol

    • You’re an action taker! Interested to hear what results you get with this

    • Great Daniel, please do share how this works for you and the reactions from clients. 🙂

  • Stephanie Sunshine

    Fricking AWESOME idea ohh wondererous white wizard 😀 xx

    • This YOU written all over it Steph

      • Stephanie Sunshine

        already downloaded 😀 xx

    • Thank you Stephanie. Looking forward to seeing your Frame in pics online 🙂

  • Billy Diamond

    Hello guys and gals! Julian asked me if I would mind sharing my comments on this project, at which I have agreed. I hope that it will be useful and be an enhancement to this project.

    I was asked on the Magician Business page if this is something that I can print since branded props and products are something that I do every single day for performers across the globe. The short answer is “Yes, I can”. The biggest obstacle I see though is in the dimensions and the fact that this is rigid foam core board (or so I think). An alternative could be as simple as 1/4″ thick Coroplast to print it on as it is rigid and holds up very well. However, any way you look at it this takes up space, is not easily shipped, etc.

    So, here’s my suggestions. And please understand I am striving to be helpful and we should be grateful that Stephen von Spiegelhauer presented this idea —– it’s a great one! I am not trying to rip it apart, but hopefully lend my expertise.

    Print Suggestions: Print it on a semi rigid material called Komatex (that’s the brand name). It is a polystyrene substrate (fancy name for material…lol). I suggest a thickness of about 0.20mm. This has spring to it and could then be rolled up like you would roll a poster, but when it is let loose it will spring unroll. Given the size the tube may be about 4″ round when rolled. Now granted because you roll it it will have some curl, but I would suggest taking a piece of 1/8″ thick flat steel like we use for our Trap Door Production and other production banners (my shameless plug of great kid props) and simply put a piece across the top and the bottom. This will give some weight to help counteract that curl from it being rolled. I’d go wider with the metal than what we do in our banners due to the size of this frame. It will also give it some rigidity forhold it. So, say something like 1/8″ thick x 1″ wide x the frame width you use. To keep life simple (again…. it is often us magician types that make things more complex than they need to be) you could get a roll of WHITE duct tape or gaff tape and simply adhere the steel strips to the Komatex sheet. Being careful to do a nice job it will look just fine. It’s not the best method but it is for the DIY guy or gal.

    Now another thing you should know is that many sign printers do NOT do what we do and that is straight to the substrate printing. In other words, they don’t print right on that Komatex, but rather print it on a thin vinyl and then that vinyl is adhered to the Komatex (kind of like you would if you were using a laminator roller unit/sealer). Then once those pieces are together it gets yet another layer, which becomes the top finish (gloss or matte…. you want matte for photos so it doesn’t glare). With all that considered, it comes together like a sandwich and because of this….. you need to know…….. IF you are cutting the frame into this it COULD (and probably will split apart, immediately or over time). It is best if you are having a company print this for you that you tell them that you want a knock out center, which makes this like a picture frame and share the same thoughts and concerns that I just did with you. With them knowing this in advance they can cut laminate, and then do the final finish which should keep it altogether if done properly.

    Additional printing Suggestions: 1) Render your artwork in ACTUAL 10% scale size to submit to the printer. 2) Flatten the image (art) if it is layered. 3) Save in a CMYK and NOT RGB (CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.That’s what printed items use in ink. RGB is what your eye sees on a PC, TV, Etc. Changes in that format can turn out very different. For example blues can come out purple if it is not formatted properly). 4) Use at least 300 dpi and not 72 dpi. Sure this is large format, but better to have overkill and nice resolution than go low like 72 and it is blurry, pixelated, or just YUCK. Let the printer decide if they want to back the resolution down for the way they are printing, but ALWAYS give your best…. just like your show! 5) A flattened 100% scale, CMYK, with a PDF format is great, but you can/could use a TIFF, JPEG, etc. All the art I do and print when doing banners and signs is always submitted as a PDF and it is just my preference.

    Some additional thoughts about hashtags and branding: Don’t forget…. those hashtags can become #yourphone number, #your email, #yourwebsite. DON’T miss windows (no pun intended) of opportunity to allow people to be able to contact you. Sure this is suppose to be shared via Instagram, but don’t forget who your market is… children and often it is grandma or grandpa who never gets on the computer but might want to book you for their grandchild. I talk to clients daily who DON’T give enough options to contact and use the excuse they can go to my website for that info. Sure, we live in a technological age, but we MUST give people multiple pathways to reach us… or…. we are leaving money on the table. Never forget that! Don’t forget, BRAND YOU in this very fun process.

    Of personal note: I would make the sign smaller instead of bigger so that you create excitement and then everyone wants in the photo. This creates opportunity for even MORE PHOTOS. Of course you don’t want disappointed kids not eng able to do this, but just like marketing this idea gives a perception of “hmmmmm I might not have a chance to be part of the fun”… and that creates urgency and desire -right?

    I really hope this information is helpful and if you get stuck you can always let me know and I will try to help. If you really get stuck I can help with graphics (I design every single day and I brand others every single day too). My email is on my site.

    IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD MY MAGICIAN BUSINESS PODCAST on Branding with Julian and Ken I hope you will download or stream it. Once again, I hope to help. You can find this podcast over on or even as a banner link on the left hand side of any page on my product site:

    Again…….. good luck!

    • Whoa Billy, great ideas and soooo much typing. lol Thank you for these fantastic tips. I will be investigation the roll up (material) you mentioned. 🙂

  • Here’s one from Matthieu Polet. He posted this in the BYMS group.