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KEH 045: Final Episode of the Kids Entertainer Podcast Series 1

Final Episode of the Kids Entertainer Podcast Series 1 The Kids Entertainer Podcast Series 1 is at an end, and it’s a beginning of something bigger, brighter, and better. With over 35,000 downloads, the podcast has been a huge success, all thanks to you, our faithful listeners and generous podcast guests. So why are we…

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KEH 043: The Business Side of Kids Entertainment

The Business Side of Kids Entertainment Tips on How to Build a Solid Career in the Industry If you’re like many magicians, face painters, magical storytellers, balloon twisters, and other children’s performers, you probably went into kids entertainment for the love of it, without having the business side of it all figured out. Master ventriloquist…

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KEH 041: How to Improve Yourself as a Kids Entertainer

How to Improve Yourself as a Kids Entertainer In kids entertaining, as in any other field, to stagnate is to become irrelevant and boring, so it’s essential that you learn how to improve yourself and your shows if you want to stand out and stay ahead. And to help you do just that, balloon and…

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KEH 040: Creating a Positive Impact on Your Audience

Creating a Positive Impact on Your Audience Whenever you go out to do a show, do you ever think about how you are creating a positive impact on your audience? If you’re like many kids entertainers, probably not. And it’s understandable. More often than not, there are more pressing, more practical matters to focus on,…

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Become a Games Leader – A Kids Entertainer’s Guide Part 6

Kids Entertainer Hub Games Guide with Clayton Poland

Step 6 to Becoming an Amazing Games Leader: Become a Cheerleader Last time we talked about what questions to avoid when leading kids’ games. Now we’ll talk about something completely different: the importance of being a cheerleader when leading children’s games. But before we start, let me be clear. By saying you become a cheerleader, I’m…

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Rubber Chicken Nuggets – Bill Abbott

Rubber Chicken Nuggets Interview with Kids Entertainer and Comedy Magician Bill Abbott

Welcome to the third instalment of this series of interviews that originally appeared in Rubber Chicken magazine. Editor and publisher Peter Aubery has made them available for the Kids Entertainer Hub audience. In this series, Peter Aubery picks the minds of kids entertainers Charlie Frye, Jimmy Carlo, John Kimmons, Michael Diamond, Paul Daniels, and Sylvester…

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