Keeping Motivated : A New Kids Entertainer’s Dilemma

Keeping Motivated : A New Kids Entertainer’s Dilemma

In my previous article, I wrote about A Cautionary Tale For New Kids Entertainers. Now let’s discuss keeping motivated as this is a kids entertainer’s dilemma we all face.

Turning a part time business into a full time career is nothing short of hard work. In my case with a family to feed and house, and a lifestyle we are accustomed to. I still need to keep my main day job while I increase my Magic Business to match and exceed its income.  In short this means currently I am working 2 full time jobs …

So between this and spending quality time with my family, it is no wonder that at certain times I feel tired and run down. I lose sight of my goals and find myself spending time doing meaningless tasks that are doing nothing to help grow my business or benefit my future. These are the times when I need a motivation boost.

To become re-motivated, focused and back on track, my first push usually comes from the momentum I have created in my business. When you create momentum it is very hard to stop. Whenever you do try and stop, things race up behind you and push you on again. The greater the momentum the bigger the push is to move you on again.

With the work and momentum I have created so far, if I did put the brakes on right now and stopped doing everything except for what I had already committed to, I would still be accepting bookings for months to come and would still be doing shows in 12 months’ time.

So momentum often gets me working again, but to build a business you need to do more, boundaries need to be pushed and things need to be constantly upgraded and tweaked for improvement. This is where my “To Do List” plays a very important part.

Whenever I have a brainstorm to do something, or realise that I have an area to improve, I add it to my To Do list. This list is my go to when I find myself being unproductive. It works because if I’m completely unmotivated, I can pick anything from it. The tasks are varied and can be anything from practicing a new trick to building a website or looking at something in social media. The only criteria for a task to be on the list, is that it needs to be productive towards growing and improving my business.

In the past before I began using my list, I would often find myself doing things I thought were important, but really were just a way of making me feel busy while achieving nothing.  It should be noted that the “To Do List” is not the same as my “To Do Today List” which is prioritised and needs to be completed every day before going to bed.

Another un-productive property of being tired is negativity. This can be the biggest killer of motivation and inspiration. When this hits I go back to the beginning of my journey and remember how far I have come and how much I have improved as a Children’s Magician.

I look at old photos and videos from early shows and read my testimonials. I relive the good and the bad shows and consider all the things I have achieved and experienced.

Then when I’m feeling better, I go to bed, read a good book and sleep. And while this may sound un-productive in itself, I believe it’s more beneficial than continuing a downward spiral while you wait for the momentum to give you a push or even try and half attempt a task from my To Do list with negative thoughts and no concentration.

I guess the real back line in this is that when I do become tired and unmotivated, it is actually a physical sign to rest, and as strange as it sounds, sometimes having a rest is more productive than trying to push on.

Next time I will be writing about some problems we have faced in my household as we try and keep track of what money is going where and how much I need to make before leaving my job and going pro.


  • I can relate to this very much, Steve, as I also juggle two jobs! I have an “ideas” list as well – when I read something or hear something I’d like to look into further it goes on here, then I periodically review this. Rather than being distracted by the latest shiny object I can see all the ideas and choose the one that I think will move my business forward the most effectively. There are so many things we *could* be doing, part of the challenge is choosing what will potentially be the best outcome for effort. Then there are other times where I really am too tired, and that’s when I like watching videos of ideas for tricks, or reading posts on the Facebook groups, and I find this inspires me too.

    • steve wick

      That’s a very good point Andrew. Facebook and blog posts can be a relaxing way to re-motivate too. You really just have to keep the question at the front ” is this in someway helping my business move forward?”
      Anything that motivates or inspires you to focus and work constructively in your business has got to be a good thing.

  • Although totally supported by my husband in all that I do, sometimes being a “one woman” operation can be difficult. So much to do, so little time and maintaining a household can become overwhelming. I’ve found that attending a good networking group weekly helps me to really feel like a business person (and always making good contacts by the same occasion), lifts my spirits and gives me that energy to make calls and knock on doors!

    As far as Facebook, the line is very fine between helping/encouraging you to increase your business and making you feel like you don’t do enough or that you’re not succeeding. I find that you have to be very selective in the groups you are members of and the posts you follow. BYMS has always been my “go-to” to lift me up… especially reading about the journeys of friends like you Steve who have been there since day one of my journey!

    On the other end of the spectrum there’s a group I left that was called “X” Friends… they were anything but friends – very critical, judgmental, and full of themselves. Sure there were great tidbits of info available from that group but not worth sorting through the crap to find it.

    Find a Facebook group that makes you feel motivated to do better for the right reasons – this works for me but what works best and is rarely encouraged on any social media is prayer. Truly.

    My best to you Steve, always enjoy reading what you’re up to – you’re very inspiring!

    • steve wick

      So true Christine. BYMS is by far my most favoured go to for info and postive motivation. Also running a house and a business is the same as having 2 jobs. I have recently dropped my hours on my day job to 3 days a week, but running a household cant have it’s hours reduced without either costing you money or reducing your comforts and style. Neither of which are very motivating.
      You have come a long long way Christine from those early days of BYMS and I often look to your posts for motivation. From my side of the fence it looks like you just keep going from strength to strength, and while you may not always feel like it, you are a super business woman with a wonderful passion for life family and work. I also love hearing your stories 🙂