If you love entertaining children, then you have found a home. Welcome to the Kids Entertainer Hub.

Kids Entertainer Hub (KEH) is a blog, podcast and community created to support and educate professionals who chose to entertain children.


Hi, I am Ken Kelly and I have enjoyed bringing smiles to children for over 30 years.

I always loved my job but there was a problem.

I found there were very few people I could speak to that shared my passion and that made me feel alone and isolated.

I met Julian Mather, a fellow kids entertainer, back in 2014 and I found that having someone who was just as enthusiastic as me, made me a better performer. Julian and I realised that kids entertainers needed a place to meet, share ideas, network and grow. i

On 24th March 2015, Kids Entertainer Hub was borne.

Together Julian and I built a resource that, today, serves tens of thousands of fellow kids entertainers from all around the world.

  • The Kids Entertainer podcast has had over 120.000 downloads
  • The Kids Entertainer Hub website (this one) has had over 83.000 visits from fellow kids entertainers
  • The Kids Entertainer Facebook group is now a vibrant community of over 3000 likeminded kids entertainers who share, help and guide one another.
  • The strength of KEH is its inclusivity.

You will meet professional entertainers who make their living from entertaining.

You will find newbies who are just getting started.

Some of us just entertain part time and others use the skills in our day jobs such as youth workers.

KEH has members who are face painters, clowns, jugglers, magicians, balloon artists, story tellers, Santa’s, animal handlers, costume characters, musicians and more.

This website is jam packed with free resources, podcasts, articles, handouts, training tips, free eBooks all about being a kids entertainer.

Some resources cover the artistic side and others focus on the business side of entertaining.

Julian and I hope you will find a home here at the Kids Entertainer Hub and that you will visit us regularly.

What is Kids Entertainer Hub?

KEH is an online meeting place of the highest standard for balloon twisters, face painters, jugglers, kids dj's, musicians, magicians, costume characters, circus artists, ventriloquists, storytellers, clowns and any other art form that is specifically aimed at bringing joy and laughter to children

KEH is the one stop spot where professional children's entertainers can meet, share and grow.

GROW through professional and personal development.

SHARE your knowledge with other professionals outside your field. Start cross pollenating , bouncing ideas and hatching plans.

CARE about your profession, CARE about how the public perceives children's entertainers, CARE about how you can make a difference in children's lives, CARE about improving your income.

For you to be able to truly benefit you need to extend us your trust. In return we promise to treat your trust like Prince Charming treated Cinderella's glass slipper.
So we can keep you updated with everything we do please pop your name and email in below. Give us a chance to treat you well. If, just like the glass slipper, you are not a good fit, then with a click of a link you can return to your normal life and Ken and I turn into pumpkins. That's a fair deal!
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Rest assured you will never get any hard sell from us but you will get encouragement from us to take action now and then. We only ever ask of people what we are willing to do ourselves.
Go, now, USE this site.